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Uplighting - Lightscaping - Name In Lights - Monogram Services

One of the newest trends for events. Its a series of lights, setup around a room (or outside) placed on or near the floor, shining up toward the walls/pillars. You can choose the color you'd like, everything from white to a red to a cool blue. (or whatever else you would like)
We can provide a wash of color to illuminate the perimeter. It can also be used to enhance certain areas where many pictures will be taken.
We feature LED uplighitng that won't emmit heat or get hot.
(So you don't have to worry about kids touching the lights!)
These are typically used as the house lights are dimmed. Uplighting can greatly enhance the ambience of the room in a very elegant way and allows you to add that unique and personal touch. We also offer Monogram projection where you can have your name, wedding date and more displayed in lighting at your reception.

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