Frequently Asked Questions

In selecting the DJ of choice for your special event, we want to make sure that you have as much information and understand as much as possible about the experience and the planning that go into each event! We’ve created this section to answer the most frequently asked questions we receive about our service.



Spotlight DJ’s Commitment To Quality

Spotlight DJ’s is committed to personal service, professionalism, and quality. Our client base continues to expand each year as we entertain thousands of people and referrals continue to rise. Each event is completely different and we strive to help make your event unique, memorable, and fun for all. Full customization is possible with our one-on-one service and attention to detail.
As more and more customers come to us for their entertainment needs, they’ll realize they’re working with a much different DJ service. One that is as committed and dedicated to your event as you are. As we continue our growth, we strive to maintain that personal working relationship with each and every client.

What types of events does your company DJ for?

Spotlight DJ’s specializes in entertainment for weddings, anniversaries, school dances, graduation parties, class reunions, corporate events, corporate parties, birthday parties, barbecues/picnics, fraternity/sorority parties, block parties, formal events, unique parties, fundraisers, public and community events, holiday parties, retirement parties, and other special occasions. If you have a special occasion and are looking for entertainment, please contact us and allow us to give you information on what we can do for your special event!

What is your approach to the entertainment of the evening?

At Spotlight DJ’s, we believe in providing you with a complete entertainment experience. With knowledgeable, specialized, and friendly DJs, our services are perfect for your special event.
We take care of everything – more than just the music and announcements. If our entertainment team can offer any suggestions throughout the evening we will graciously do so. If we think of a fun and creative way to welcome guests for that specific event, we will gladly suggest it. Spotlight DJ’s will be constantly thinking of unique ways to make your event stand out from all the rest!

Will you provide us with dinner music?

YES! Spotlight DJ’s provides FREE dinner music for your wedding reception or other event! As part of our entertainment experience, we feel you shouldn’t be charged extra, so we include it for FREE! Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc. we can give your event just the atmosphere you’re looking for!

How many entertainers do I get at my event?

Spotlight DJ’s Entertainment Experience will consist of at least 2 entertainers. Our entertainers will work closely with you throughout the event to make sure the evening is turning out the way you like. The advantage of having two DJ’s for your event will allow for one to handle special requests & interaction with the crowd, while the other is controlling the sound and lighting to keep the show fun and exciting for your guests.

What attire do the entertainers wear?

Each entertainer will be dressed in professional attire with dress pants and a dress shirt. During the setup of the equipment (prior to the event start), they wear a nice company polo with kaki pants.

What type of equipment do you bring?

Spotlight DJ’s only uses the industry’s best manufacturers to give you the greatest concert quality sounding system. Our systems use Sonic speakers for just the right amount of all-around sound in the theater or hall. Our systems will sound great for audiences as small as 30 people or as large as several hundred people. We use the latest technology to entertain in our shows. We can mix music from computers, iPods and CDs to ensure continuous music throughout the evening of entertainment. Please view our equipment highlights for more info!

Do you have backup entertainers in case of an emergency?

YES, we have backup entertainers. We always staff for more entertainers than we need so that we have someone available for an emergency situation. Each team of entertainers is equipped with a cell phone for emergency situations. Each entertainment team calls in to the office upon arriving at the facility. We then coordinate with each show to make sure there are no problems before going into the evening of entertainment.
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What type of music will you play at my event?

Spotlight DJ’s will bring all of the following categories to each event (we will only play the ones you want): Polka, Big Band, Swing, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, Retro, R&B, Alternative, Country, Rock, Top 40, Club Dance Remixes, and Popular Activity songs. In preparation for each event, we have you fill out an event planner which gives us a better idea of the style of entertainment you are looking for during your event. We also feature our music catalog, showing you songs we bring to each show, you can even browse it right online!

Can I provide my own music?

Yes! Spotlight DJ’s has a wide variety and selection of music. However, if you have specific music you would like played at your event. We will gladly play it for you.

Do you take requests?

YES! We provide your guests with our music catalog that shows a complete listing of our music, so that requests can be made easily throughout the evening of entertainment. If you prefer us not to take requests, simply let us know in advance.

Do you provide a light show?

YES! Spotlight DJ’s includes a state-of-the-art light show that is truly amazing. Our lighting arrangement fills the entire facility with an awesome light display.
Here’s some of our Equipment Highlights!
In addition to our dance floor DJ lights, we also offer Uplighting, Lightscaping and Name In Lights/Monogram projection services.
See our uplighting page for more info!

Can you provide a wireless microphone for speeches and/or toasts?

YES! (At no additional cost) As part of our entertainment for the evening our entertainers will also perform any announcements you may request throughout the evening.

How much planning goes into MY event?

For our DJ’s to be fully prepared for your event, there are actually many tasks and a lot of coordination that need to be accomplished such as the routine necessities of having professional dressware, maintaining the equipment, and scouting out the location, when possible, for your event. Your DJ is out out and about during the week searching for that special song you requested and preparing playlists that conform to the format you have chosen. A typical day of the event can consist of several hours of loading and unloading equipment, both at the event and back at the office along with travel, setup and programming time. In addition to the performance time when you actually see your DJs a lot is happening behind the scenes with paperwork, research and preparation. Often a wedding and reception can be an eight hour day or longer for our DJs. That’s why our DJs love what they do!

What is your payment/cancellation policy?

All payments can be made via cash, cashier’s checks, personal checks, or money orders.
Please make checks payable to: Spotlight DJ’s.
The reservation fee is needed with the signing of the contract and this payment is non-refundable.
If a postponement occurs, we will work with you to honor the original payments towards the new date.
How do you work with the hall and other wedding professionals?
We call your facility the week before to go over all details prior to your event. At the event, we work closely with the caterer, photographer, and others to create a fun yet professional atmosphere.

Is your company insured?

YES, in the unlikely event that something should happen, our company carries liability protection for each of our DJ performances.

What if I have a question you didn't answer here?

Please contact us with information about your event, comments or any questions you may have.